Chapelgate 456, Timonium, Maryland - USA






This section is by homeowners and for homeowners of Chapelgate 456. It is intended to strengthen our community ties. It will grow with contributions from the many involved homeowners and residents of our community. If you have any suggestions please e-mail them.

private forum and email list

Chapelgate 456 homeowners can have access to a private by invitation only forum where they can discuss any issues in Chapelgate 456. They can also have their e-mail address added to the community e-mail list that will allow them to communicate with everybody else about anything, share any information they wish, such as items or services they want to sell or buy, recommendations for contractors, etc. Please e-mail for details.

Chapelgate 456 photo gallery

Our photo gallery will have images by residents to showcase our beautiful community. If you have any pictures taken in your neck of the woods or anywhere in our community, please submit them along with any info you want included.

by residents

If you have a story, a piece of news, some achievement, an announcement etc that you would like to share with our community and beyond please submit it. If you have something to sell in this community and beyond please submit it here too. If you wish to share your announcement within our community only, it can be shared through the community e-mail list or posted at the private forum.

community events

In the past we had annual block parties in our community allowing us to meet the neighbors that we see every day but never have a chance to talk to. It will be great to revive that tradition.

In the past we had an annual community-wide garage sale that was well known and well attended. It also allowed us to meet and talk to all our neighbors. It will be great to revive it too.

In the past, when many of our children were part of a local Cub Scout group, we were doing an annual food drive and the food was donated to a local religious institution. It will be great to make it a permanent community event.



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